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Do You Need Credit? We’re Here To Help

There are common themes that all business owners face in their quest to launch, maintain and grow their businesses. The need for financial capital and social capital is at the core if you survey most business owners. I learned early in my entrepreneurial journey that access to capital and business credit is what keeps a business going. Accounting for your administrative spending, staying on top of cash flow, and getting capital from loans, lines of credit, or investors are some of the top concerns and top stresses of being an entrepreneur. And as your business grows, these same stressors grow exponentially. Being concerned about paying your bills is one thing; being concerned about others being able to pay their bills is another level of stress.

In the ongoing drive to provide access to resources to businesses that may face obstacles to success and growth based on size, short tenure in business, or lack of resources, we recently launched the myEliteProducts Tradeline line of credit. The vision behind this new service offering was the desire to enable tangible infrastructure support and help stimulate small business growth by providing access to lines of credit. The tradeline of credit will allow business owners to build their credit history while making essential purchases every day. Customers can apply for this line of credit here and begin using the service immediately upon approval.


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